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Liluk Cosmetics is the result of the wish of a mom to use the best on their babies' skin.

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Honest, healthy and safe cosmetics for your baby.

Everyone wants the best for their kids, right? The moment when the end of our pregnancy is right around the corner and the first months with our baby, are probably two of the most important moments in our lives, our body and mind go through plenty of emotional changes. We could even say not only the baby is born at that moment but also a new woman.

It is one of the most special, beautiful and unique moments, that’s why we need to live it to the fullest. However, these are also moments that we have never experienced before, we tend to doubt a lot about everything, whether we are dealing with it the right way, or not. But there is not a single second we don’t feel the need to provide the best of all to our babies.

We are all different, but the bond between parents and babies is something we definitely all share.

Above all, our babies need us, our love and our presence. It is something we are used to reading before giving birth but we don’t fully understand the meaning until the baby is in our arms. All they need in their first months is us in order to feel loved, safe and happy.

However, they also need us to take care of them using the best products, because not all products are the same. Luckily, our society is everyday more conscious about the good in using natural and organic products to protect us humans, animals and our precious Earth.

As I was saying, pregnancy changed me in quite a few ways, it made me wonder a lot of things which were going on around me and I had no idea how much my vision about life and the world would change in the upcoming months.

Liluk Cosmetics Barcelona emerges after the birth of my first son. I am sure I am not the only one who says that not only my son was born, but also a new me. A woman that from that point on will be a mom until my last breath and for the eternity. Along with this new woman, new fears, new questions, new emotions and new feelings also appeared. Personally, I was definitely not aware until his birth of the amount of unhealthy ingredients used in both cosmetics and food. Besides all of this, my first son’s eczema-prone skin made me start searching for the right information to be able to offer the best to my family. That is when it all started.

One thing I knew from the beginning was the name of the brand I was about to start working on. Liluk is the mix of my two kids’ names first two letters plus the first letter of their family name.

Everything learned and studied since 2015 when my oldest was born, helped me to decide exactly what I wanted and what I did not want to be part of Liluk’s products. One of the most important thing to me from the beginning was that the brand had to be certified organic and vegan. It is definitely not the same to say something than to prove it.

Liluk’s aim is to be a trusted, honest, safe and high quality brand for babies and kids.

Liluk Cosmetics Barcelona is a brand made in Spain, with all the love and care from a mom, created in one of the best organic and natural cosmetics laboratories in our country, for the most demanding parents, those who really look for the best for their babies and kids from the first day of their lives.