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El sueño de Vicky

El sueño de Vicky

by Liluk
10 October 2020

Who doesn't dream about the end of cancer?

Because no one should go through this, let alone a kid.

Liluk Cosmetics is born from a mother that just like any other, wants only the very best for her kids even before birth. Liluk is kids high quality cosmetics so that parents can take care with love and confidence of their kids' delicate skin. But we did not want to finish there. Another reason which boosted Liluk's birth, was the desire to help not only with healthy cosmetics, but also donating in cancer research. It was at this point we discovered the magnificent work of "El Sueño de Vicky" (Vicky's dream).

El Sueño de Vicky Foundation was born because the only thing which could have saved Vicky was research. Vicky was diagnosed a brain tumor when she was only two. She was fighting for her life for two years, but when she was 4, her body got to the point where it could not bare it anymore. Her mom, Laura, the Foundation founder, knows that research is the key to find whether the cure or at least a way to get better treatments for this disease.

The moment we discovered this Foundation and the reason of its existence, we felt that the least we could do was to collaborate with them so that Vicky's mom, felt that every day more people cared and tried to put an end to this horrible disease.

No family should go through this, ever, but just like this Foundation defines it all:

"Kids with cancer do not need miracles, they need research. In order to find the cure, we first need to research."

El Sueño de Vicky raises funds against child cancer, to be able to prevent the secondary effects while and after the treatments to improve life quality of these little warriors.

Child cancer treatments produce serious sequels that prevent kids from leading a random life after battling cancer.

From Liluk Cosmetics we want to help this research donating 1% of the benefit of each sale of any of our products.

We seriously encourage each and everyone of you to donate, doesn't matter the way, neither the amount of money, but if we all helped, we are pretty sure research would go faster and we would be closer to finding either the cure or a better and less traumatic treatment.

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