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Most frequent questions.

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Our products have been formulated for babies and kids, but whatever is truly good for babies, is good for the rest of the family ;)

Truth is that by saying our products were natural and safe, we did not feel as that was enough. Our aim is to help feel parents in peace with what they are using with their babies in all senses, that is why we knew from the beginning all our products had to be certified both natural, organic by bio.inspecta and Bio.Vida.Sana and approved by The Vegan Society.

Currently there is a law which prohibits cosmetics in general to be tested on animals. But again, for us, that was not enough, we needed one of the most important certifications to approve our products as vegan, which means that there is nothing coming from animals in their formulas. We wanted to be an option also for families who decide to go one step further, vegan families, so that they can be sure about what they are putting on their babies' skin.

The expiry date is visible on all the products. Since these are products containing high quality active ingredients, we highly recommend our customers to apply them daily in order to take advantage of all the ingredients' benefits.

Absolutely yes! It is true it has been specially formulated for the body, but it can be used on the face since all the ingredients are the best on the most sensitive skin.